When a user comes to your site what do they see? Do they see flash, JavaScript, and pop-up ads everywhere? Do they see bright and flashy colors? Or do they see a simple site with a simple design? There is clear distinction between those two. One site is trying to be ultra-flashy and the other site is trying to be ultra-clean. By understanding the difference and making the necessary changes, you can take your business website to new heights.

Your Website: The Main Hub

First impressions are everything. It takes mere seconds for a visitor to decide whether or not they want to stick around and browse, and with a clean web design they are much more likely to do so. Your website is your main hub and the face of your online branding. After all, everything you do online from social media to email marketing campaigns drives visitors to your website. Without a great looking site the foundation of your web presence can crumble.

Clean Vs. Flashy Design

The internet is constantly evolving and it can be tough to keep up. What with social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc., it’s easy to get quickly overwhelmed. Still, throughout this constant evolution, one thing that never changes is the need for a clean website design.

A clean design essentially means that the layout of your site is simple and easy to navigate – Call to Action items are clearly stated, graphics are complementary rather than distracting and menus easily guide visitors from one point to the next. Too many bells and whistles not only distract from your web content, but can also be an indication of a dated site. Worst of all, however, too much flash can result in low search engine rankings.

The Bottom Line

The reality is, when someone visits your website they are looking for specific information. Whether it’s your company’s contact details or a blog post, clean design easily directs them to what they are looking for and encourages them to linger. Search engines such as Google are also looking for clean designs. In fact, for the most part, search engines don’t even recognize websites built with Flash, making them a relic of the past. By creating a clean website, not only are you creating a positive experience for visitors, but your site will also be indexed much easier by search engines.