Like it or not, Google has established itself as the leader of the search engines. After all, the majority of searches are completed through Google, and each time Google updates its search engine all other  engines follow suit. At the end of the day, Google leads the pack in all aspects and it is why so many people in internet marketing focus so much attention on eciphering Google’s parameters.

What Is Google’s Algorithm?

Only a select few people that work at Google actually know what Google’s algorithm is. But, through trial and error people in the internet marketing world have been able to figure out how it works. It is essentially a mathematical equation designed by Google to determine the legitimacy of a website. Over the years Google’s algorithm has drastically evolved. Many years ago people were able to spam their websites and use dishonest tactics to achieve high rankings. Those days are long gone. Google has cracked down on such tactics and is continually making new updates to help ensure that all rankings are legitimately achieved.

Panda and Penguin

Google updates their algorithm at least once a day, but there are two very well-known updates that everyone in the internet marketing world are aware of – Panda and Penguin. Panda was the first update and it cracked down on a lot of the spam tactics previously mentioned. Duplicate content was penalized and link farms were shut down. Penguin was the next rollout and it cracked down on much more advanced techniques. People with weak link profiles were getting penalized. Since these two updates, businesses have had to follow Google’s algorithm rather than try to circumvent vent it, or suffer major penalties.

What Google Values

Google’s algorithm is complex. There is no need to understand every aspect of it as that is a losing battle. Instead, there are two main factors Google is currently looking at that you must focus on in order to achieve high rankings. The first is quality content. Blog posts, white papers and helpful descriptions of services provide value to your readers. The other factor is social media. Google is placing much more importance on this now. Maximize your use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to connect with your audience.

What Does The Future Hold?

No one knows exactly what updates Google will come up with next. It is impossible to keep up with every Google update, but if you understand what is listed above you are one step closer to achieving the rankings you desire. Do not try to cheat the system by using shortcuts. Google is always evolving and will penalize you sooner or later. Instead, operate within the parameters set by the search engine to elevate your company’s profile.