First Global Insurance Agency

A tele-sales marketing insurance agency  selling plans by many insurance companies. 

Implementation Plan

The primary goal was to increase lead generation and increase ROI.

The owners were impressed to hear our solutions and candor about the successes they were expecting.

Website SEO

Every page was designed to capture to be inviting to search engines by implementing the constantly evolving algorithms used by the search engines. 


By carefully tracking visitors movements on the site, we were able to identify the current trends that lead to higher acquisition of sales.


Standard sales training for new agents helped reduce the learning curve to have them selling.


Changing the campaign and ads that were just the beginning.  We monitored and constantly adjusted until we met our ROI goals. 

Document Management

By changing the back end tools used by the office staff, we were able to increase the overall efficiency of the office.  

Sales Documents

We were able to streamline the sales documents to create a unified message.  This increased the quality and effectiveness of service for all customers

Easy As 1…2…3…

Bringing Nexxus Management in to help us bring the dream to life made a huge difference.  You let them know what you want and they will fill in the blanks

–S Gutman