StarStar Mobile

StarStar Mobile is a platform using easy to remember phone numbers and giving users multiple options of contact and information.

Implementation Plan

Each part of StarStar Mobile’s business model was examined and an enhancement was suggested.

It was difficult for the owners to accept that things could be better, until they heard our plans for a more streamlined approach.

Web Development

Site users were able to understand the product in an effective and concise explanation leading to increased lead generation. 

Program Partners

Finding wholesale partners to help spread the word in local and more personal settings increased participant intake.

Sales initiatives

Sales verticals were identified and planning shifted to exploit those in a cost effective sales drive

Marketing Materials

Specific to the sales verticals, materials were created and included targeted emails, flyers, banners, and product give-aways 

Easy As 1…2…3…

Bringing Nexxus Management in to help us bring the dream to life made a huge difference.  You let them know what you want and they will fill in the blanks

–S Gutman