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NEXXUS MANAGEMENT helps companies grow faster. We are a sales and internet marketing company focused on helping clients achieve sales success and accelerate revenues. We’re not consultants who typically provide plenty of advice with no results. Instead, consider Nexxus as your hands-on partner who does what it takes to deliver the results including executing marketing programs, selling your products, and improving sales productivity.


Nexxus Management SEO


Search Engine Optimization can often be viewed as a difficult, techy oddity, and not something that every small business needs.

However, the numbers don’t lie. With over 2 billion people online ­- or roughly 40% of the world’s population – 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend millions to make a huge success of your internet marketing. There’s an easy solution: Outsource your web worries to us, be more successful, and simplify your life.


Nexxus Management SEO

AdWords Campaigns

There’s more to an AdWords campaign than sitting back and waiting for visitors to click on your ads. You need to make sure that the ads you’ve created are being displayed to the right people, and that you’re not paying too much for keywords that won’t offer you beneficial returns. Nexxus Management finds your most valuable AdWords keywords, because it mines your site’s traffic and conversion data for search queries that visitors have actually used to find you. Using these terms in your AdWords campaign results in several important benefits:

• Guaranteed qualifed traffic
• A higher click-through rate
• A lower cost per click (CPC)
• Better paid search engine ranking
• A higher Quality Score


Nexxus Management Social Media


Social media marketing not only keeps your brand in front of your audience, it gets them engaged, so your interaction becomes more entertainment than marketing. And it works!

In a recent survey of nearly 2,000 B2B and B2C brands, 85% of marketers said social media marketing has generated more exposure for their business, over half say it’s generated qualified leads, and 48% of marketers say social media marketing has sold products, closed business, and reduced overall marketing costs.


Nexxus Management Website Makeover


What do people see when they get to your site? Do they find a seamless experience that’s on brand and on message? How your site performs is even more important today, when milliseconds can make the difference between winning a customer and losing to a competitor.

We make sure your brand message is on target and that the brand promise adds value. Then we create a beautiful design that’s fun to use, and fill it with great marketing messages in copy and videos. Outsource your website worries to us. We’ll make you an internet sensation.


Nexxus Management Direct and Email Marketing


There’s a growing (and often confusing) range of choices when it comes to direct marketing these days. Relying on only one communication vehicle is rarely as effective as combining multiple vehicles to better reach your target markets. But how do you determine the most effective combination? We can help you select the right mix of tactics to improve reach and response rates. We’ll work closely with you to develop and execute complete ready-to-use campaigns, including:

• Content development
• Layout and design
• List research and acquisition
• Delivery management


Nexxus Management Marketing


Whether it’s a simple postcard or a more complex multi-tiered sales presentation, our in-house design and content development teams have the expertise to communicate your message in a clean and precise package that offers maximum impact, balancing creative elements with key points and ensuring strict adherence to branding standards.

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