1. 01. Nexxus Management Helps Boca Raton Business Boost Sales by 200%

    For Immediate Release: Nov. 23, 2012
    Contact: Patricia Maldonado: / 305-490-8831

    FORT LAUDERDALE (Nov. 23, 2012) – Nexxus Management, a leading provider of marketing, sales and operational services for small- and medium-sized businesses, boosted the sales of Surface Savers, a Boca Raton-based tile and grout cleaning company, nearly 200 percent by employing a heavy dose of Internet business savvy.

    The Surface Savers makeover utilized the following techniques – a new logo, colorful Website with clear calls to action, product specials and videos, a little social media, and plenty of consistent email marketing. Nexxus also reframed the Surface Savers message to reflect the environmentally friendly services the company was offering but not promoting (a visual example of the makeover process can be viewed here.)

    “When we were approached by Surface Savers, a tile and grout cleaning company, sales were waning, Website traffic had stalled and the marketing strategy was MIA,” said Rebecca Thomas, chief marketing officer for Nexxus, a South Florida based-company with offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. “After consulting with the company’s staff, we created a story based on their vision and turned that vision into a brand.”
    Nexxus provides small businesses an array of partnerships, revenue-sharing plans and fee-based consulting services, as well as an experienced staff with expertise in e-commerce, marketing and sales, public relations and advertising, and operations. Nexxus also offers a free consultation to determine what a business needs to take its bottom line to the next level.

    Founded by a team of entrepreneurs who have experienced the success and failure of their own ventures, Nexxus devised a strategy designed to give small businesses the tools and resources to make a big impact.
    “I saw my business getting a little stale. I was doing a lot myself and I needed people with more expertise in the areas I didn’t have,” said Surface Savers owner Adam Fluke. “I really didn’t have that great of a presence online. The new Website gets more visits and some have already translated into customers. And by rebranding Surface Savers as a green company, I’m getting customers now who are interested in safe cleaning techniques for their homes.”

    About Surface Savers

    Surface Savers is a tile and grout cleaning company based in Boca Raton. The company uses environmentally friendly products to clean years of contaminants from hard surfaces like tile floors, bathtubs, sinks and counter tops. The company services Palm Beach and Broward counties. Visit and

    About Nexxus Management

    Nexxus Management is a South Florida-based company specializing in providing sales and marketing services to small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses. Nexxus purchases and invests in small businesses, giving its clients the benefits of an aggressive, highly responsive and fully committed team dedicated to maximizing long-term financial success. The Nexxus team serves as a hands-on partner focused helping small businesses overcome the hurdles to growth by executing marketing programs, selling products and improving sales productivity. Nexxus seeks to ensure that small businesses grow and thrive.


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