FORT LAUDERDALE (March 18, 2013) – Nexxus Management created a mobile-friendly ecommerce strategy for Miami-based Arctica Frozen Solutions that streamlines the way vendor orders are processed and organizes inventory resulting in more efficient turnaround times and better internal record-keeping.

Arctica Frozen Solutions, which distributes frozen food products for companies such as Unilever, Mars and Ben & Jerry’s to local markets and hotels, was struggling to find a way to modernize the fulfillment process for its business. The company’s original website was 10 years old and featured outdated inventory which placed undue responsibility on Arctica employees to manually double check stock prior to order fulfillment. Moreover, there was no central location for verifying new and discontinued products other than relying on employees to keep mental track and communicate changes among each other. A final – and perhaps most important concern – was there was no merchant account connected to the site which meant more manual processing for employees and less ease-of-use for vendors while on the road.

“When we were approached by Arctica Frozen Solutions, ownership was growing increasingly frustrated with complaints from vendors that they weren’t able to restock their freezers with enough immediacy,” said Tim Keyes, Chief Executive Officer for Nexxus Management. “Additionally, vendors wanted to be able to pay for orders using smartphones, laptops and tablets since most of their time is spent on the road rather than sitting behind a desk. The fact that this option was not available through the Arctica website was slowing down business on all fronts.”

Taking all of that into consideration, Nexxus Management developed a website that automates the ordering process by utilizing a login feature so vendors don’t have to continually reenter their account details; a payment gateway that allows for immediate payment options or charging to an already established account; and, an exportable product list on the backend for internally tracking inventory.

“I saw that my business was not keeping up with technology to the detriment of my clients and I needed people with more expertise in the areas I didn’t have on staff,” said Todd Michaels, owner of Arctica Frozen Solutions. “The new website is easier to use and I’ve already received positive feedback both from vendors as well as my employees. Anything I can do to make the process easier for everybody involved will only serve to increase profits for everyone. Plus, the Nexxus Management staff was efficient and professional which made it easy for me.  I was only called upon when necessary making it a very pleasant process to be a part of. It was exciting to see the transformation take place.”