1. 11. Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

    Consumers are using their mobile devices to search for local businesses more and more these days. As a result, the race is on for small businesses to invest more aggressively in mobile marketing in order to  target local customers for better results.

    In fact, recent surveys show that entrepreneurs who use mobile marketing have experienced an uptick in their businesses. The reason for this growth is attributed to factors such as:

    • Providing better services to the existing customers
    • Gaining advantage over their competitors
    • Attracting more local customers

    While bigger businesses can illicit robust results with minimal effort due to their already recognizable branding and wealth of resources, small businesses have to put in a bit more legwork for comparable results. Many times while small businesses might have a website which is PC-friendly, they miss out on potential customers by not also making their website mobile-friendly.

    Here are the strategies that small businesses can use for mobile marketing:

    Mobilizing the Website: As mentioned before, mobilizing the website or making the website mobile- friendly is the first step, small business owners should take. This includes using font sizes that are readable on mobile screens as well as placing contact details in a location where they are easily viewed.

    Localize the Search: As a small business owner, you would have to localize your search. In other words, change your search strategy to ensure that local customers can find your store, product or service.

    Make Use of Social Media: Social media can be an excellent platform for small businesses to get more customers. Use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to invite visitors to connect, share experiences or follow your updates.

  2. 12. Building a Reputation through Social Media

    Reputation of any business is built over time through consistent efforts that result in satisfied customers. Though promoting your business through forums, reviews and testimonials are valid options, the use of social media to create a solid reputation is the order of the day. Here is how you can work on building a strong reputation in the social media world:

    Include Share Buttons: Adding share buttons to your website is a great way to make it easy for visitors to offer feedback and reviews.

    Solicit Feedback through Facebook: There is no doubt Facebook is the most popular social media platform, therefore utilize this medium to gain feedback on your services and products through surveys, customer quotes and case studies.

    Create a Blog: Creating and writing relevant and updated information on a blog is an ideal way to build your reputation. Blogs help gather opinions and views in the form of comments which can, in turn, be used to provide better services and products. You can immediately address any issues cited by your followers and take adequate action to cultivate the most positive online experience possible.

    Get Endorsements on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media platform that puts entrepreneurs on common ground and can be used to get endorsements from credible, non-competitive companies and links.

    Use Video Testimonials: Video testimonials depicting satisfied customers are an excellent way to develop a positive reputation and can be obtained through networking events and trade-shows.

    In short, although building a strong social media reputation takes some time, it is worth the effort as it helps your business to grow and sustain profitable relationships.

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