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  1. 11. Web Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

    The Internet offers an infinite market for promoting your products and services.The following are a few effective online promotional strategies that can help you create an online profile and improve your company’s presence online.

    Building a Beautiful Website

    This is the first thing to do before launching your promotional campaign online. Provide visitors with a user friendly website. Keep the code clean and keep the site architecture and site navigation simple. Strike a balance between aesthetics and ease-of-use.

    Implement SEO

    Patience is the virtue when you rely on SEO to promote your product online – expect results to build slowly as organic listings do not yield results overnight. In fact, it can often take three to six months before results are apparent. Use effective link building tactics and code optimization on your website to get the ball rolling.

    PPC Campaigns for Niche Market

    Marketing common products such as clothing and accessories are found to be more effective using PPC ads through Google AdWords. Pay Per Click campaigns are an effective way to promote products that are very niche in nature. Track campaigns through use of Google Analytics code.

    Build Your Brand through Social Media

    Use social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to promote your brand. Use blogs and videos for promotional purposes too. Social media tools are a great way to build your brand online.

    Special Online Offers

    Run special online offers like special promotions, discounted products and great online pricing on products and services that will keep the audience engaged. Limited offers are also a great way to make your presence felt online.

    Email Marketing

    Customized email campaigns are one of the cheapest and easiest forms of marketing. Email marketing should engage a user to perform some sort of task such as filling out a form, that way you are consistently gathering new contact details for potential clients.

  2. 12. Creative Marketing Ideas for Businesses

    Truly unique marketing ideas can translate into millions of dollars – literally.  As more and more businesses pop up in the market, the need for novel concepts is unparalleled. Whether it is offline or online marketing, organizations are always in search of innovative strategies that will set them apart from the pack and, more importantly, generate leads through increased traffic and sales.

    Both online and offline marketing are equally effective if they are implemented the right way. Often times, your choice of marketing completely depends on what the product is. Let’s take an example: How do you intend to market a service such as web design? It would probably be much easier to market such a service through the use of banners, SEO or even through paid marketing campaigns such as PPC. Since services such as web design and web development are inclined toward the web, using the online medium for advertising your services is much easier and relevant. Therefore, when weighing the best medium for gaining exposure for your business, ask yourself questions such as, “Would this be something that will interest my clients?”, or“Is this the most professional way of marketing my product?”.

    However, if you owned, say, a pizza delivery business, a more traditional approach such as flyer distribution to residential areas would likely be more effective and illicit a higher ROI than going online.

    In short, in all cases, knowing your audience and how best to reach them is key to finding creative and innovative ways for promoting your business.

  3. 13. Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

    Consumers are using their mobile devices to search for local businesses more and more these days. As a result, the race is on for small businesses to invest more aggressively in mobile marketing in order to  target local customers for better results.

    In fact, recent surveys show that entrepreneurs who use mobile marketing have experienced an uptick in their businesses. The reason for this growth is attributed to factors such as:

    • Providing better services to the existing customers
    • Gaining advantage over their competitors
    • Attracting more local customers

    While bigger businesses can illicit robust results with minimal effort due to their already recognizable branding and wealth of resources, small businesses have to put in a bit more legwork for comparable results. Many times while small businesses might have a website which is PC-friendly, they miss out on potential customers by not also making their website mobile-friendly.

    Here are the strategies that small businesses can use for mobile marketing:

    Mobilizing the Website: As mentioned before, mobilizing the website or making the website mobile- friendly is the first step, small business owners should take. This includes using font sizes that are readable on mobile screens as well as placing contact details in a location where they are easily viewed.

    Localize the Search: As a small business owner, you would have to localize your search. In other words, change your search strategy to ensure that local customers can find your store, product or service.

    Make Use of Social Media: Social media can be an excellent platform for small businesses to get more customers. Use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to invite visitors to connect, share experiences or follow your updates.

  4. 14. Building a Reputation through Social Media

    Reputation of any business is built over time through consistent efforts that result in satisfied customers. Though promoting your business through forums, reviews and testimonials are valid options, the use of social media to create a solid reputation is the order of the day. Here is how you can work on building a strong reputation in the social media world:

    Include Share Buttons: Adding share buttons to your website is a great way to make it easy for visitors to offer feedback and reviews.

    Solicit Feedback through Facebook: There is no doubt Facebook is the most popular social media platform, therefore utilize this medium to gain feedback on your services and products through surveys, customer quotes and case studies.

    Create a Blog: Creating and writing relevant and updated information on a blog is an ideal way to build your reputation. Blogs help gather opinions and views in the form of comments which can, in turn, be used to provide better services and products. You can immediately address any issues cited by your followers and take adequate action to cultivate the most positive online experience possible.

    Get Endorsements on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media platform that puts entrepreneurs on common ground and can be used to get endorsements from credible, non-competitive companies and links.

    Use Video Testimonials: Video testimonials depicting satisfied customers are an excellent way to develop a positive reputation and can be obtained through networking events and trade-shows.

    In short, although building a strong social media reputation takes some time, it is worth the effort as it helps your business to grow and sustain profitable relationships.

  5. 15. Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

    Marketing is an important aspect of any successful business, whether online or offline. However, with the penetration of the Internet growing every day, the importance of online marketing is increasing by leaps and bounds. Here are some online marketing techniques that are particularly effective:

    1. Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing your website with suitable keywords and phrases so that it appears on the first pages of search engine results has always been, and will always be, the most effective online marketing technique. SEO is important to reaching a targeted audience interested in finding information on a particular niche. Therefore, relevant keywords should be used in the content of the website to improve website ranking and visibility.
    2. Analytics – Analysis of website traffic: While SEO will aid in reaching your target audience, it is also important to analyze what visitors are looking at once they are actually on a website.  If you understand what their interests are, you can then provide them with updated information based on their activity to maintain and nurture their interest.
    3. Get quality links: Getting quality links from credible sources adds to the credibility of a website. Therefore, get links from companies that are not your competitors but are related to the industry. Good quality links assure a high place in search engine rankings.
    4. Provide informative articles: Content is king on the Internet, so provide quality subject matter that is updated regularly in order to attract a continual flow of visitors to your website.
    5. Call To action: Your website and content should motivate and encourage readers to perform an “action” such as submitting a form, making a purchase, clicking on a link that leads to a special offer or contacting you via email or phone.
  6. 16. Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

    Small businesses are realizing the importance of web presence and, therefore, are taking extra steps toward making their presence felt in the cyber world. The success of any business relies upon marketing and online marketing is no exception. Where the point of contention often lies for small business owners is the affordability of the marketing tools. We’ve listed a few tips below to help small business owners identify how to get the most for their marketing dollars.

    Hire Experts: Small business owners often perform most tasks related to their business on their own out of necessity, however, online marketing is an altogether different genre of marketing that requires experts.

    Find Your Target Audience: Business owners need to know their target market and the issues related to it. A top priority, therefore, should be to identify the problems faced by existing customers of similar products and offer solutions. This then becomes your unique selling proposition.

    Press Releases: Press releases are a good option for promoting your products and services. Not only are they a strategic tool for gaining exposure, but releases can also be tied in with current news and ongoing trends for better visibility and readership.

    Viral Internet Marketing: Viral marketing refers to promoting products and services in such a way that users are compelled to share the information with others, resulting in exponentially increased exposure in a very compressed timeline.

  7. 17. How to Market Your Business Online

    Smart online marketing strategies can give a considerable boost to your business. Here are a few ways you can successfully market your business online:

    Register with Local Listing Services

    This is a simple procedure that produces great results. Getting your business registered with the local listing services ensures that your businesses profile is ranked highly on search engines. With this registration, your business will appear whenever a user searches for products or services similar to those your company provides.

    Optimize Your Website

    Search engine optimization is an essential part of any online marketing campaign as it increases the visibility of your website resulting in a wider audience for your products and services.

    Use Social Media

    Social media platforms are becoming increasingly important tools for marketing businesses online. Facebook ads and offers are one highly effective and easy-to-use strategy as is communicating directly with customers via outlets such as Twitter. LinkedIn is also an ideal networking platform for building business relationships. Whatever the medium, the main objective is to interact with customers so that they feel constantly connected to your services and products.

    Join Online Communities

    Online communities and forums are good places to market your business. You can join communities and forums relevant to your industry and establish a rapport and then slowly put in a few words for your business and post links that direct visitors to your website.

  8. 18. Case Study :: How Nexxus Management Transformed One South Florida Business

    When we were approached by Surface Savers, a tile and grout cleaning company based in Boca Raton, Fla., sales were waning, website traffic was stalled and a marketing strategy was MIA. After consulting with the company’s owners, we created a story for the company based on their vision and turned that vision into a brand. Here is how the metamorphosis took place.

    [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=Z7E9BPRu6sw width=853 height=480 anchor=]


    Click here to see the finished product.

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